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🇲🇦 My Moroccan Lover Nacym. The longest face to face relationship (2 years) I've had with a guy.

WARNING: Today's Sunday story contains details of gay sexual activity and therefore is not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age, or anyone sensitive to explicit content. This is a trial post of one of the more fruity stories. Please offer your feedback if you feel comfortable to read on, and note, it's a long one! (pardon the pun!).

- This is a chapter from my upcoming autobiography. You can now catch up with the previous chapters published on Facebook, via the links near the bottom of this page on my website  

- The spelling of Nacym's real name has been changed in this post for his security purposes. 

In November 2015 I went on holiday with my gay Pakistani friend Adam to Agadir in Morocco. It was very much a "gay lads holiday" as Adam was single and I had just come back from working in Egypt a few months before, leaving my Egyptian boyfriend behind.
I remember the hilarious moment in the hotel when the gorgeous Moroccan tour guide was telling everyone about the trips available and mentioned "croc park" the local crocodile park. After the meeting we approached the hot rep and asked if instead of the "croc park" he knew of any nearby "cock park's" we could visit? He found the funny side and soon charmed us into booking a camel ride with some local lads, cocc park, and a Turkish bath with the strongest male masseurs he knew.
Whilst on holiday we had both joined the local gay Facebook group ("Gay Agadir") and I had met a few guys from there, however they seemed to be all tourist rent boys, having sex with men just for money. Adam was more body conscious and less confident than myself, so he only actually met one guy for a quick fondel on the beach, and I'll tell you more about that later. 
On the last day of the holiday we decided to meet this one guy from the Facebook group who had been messaging us both non-stop all week. One day he had even waited near our hotel at McDonalds for hours, but we were late coming back from Croc Park, so never even got to see him that day. In his photo he sent us privately he looked quite young, skinny, hip and light skinned, so I was in no rush to meet him, however Adam felt bad that he had waited for hours for us a few days before.
Nacym was his name and he said he would take us on a trip up the famous local mountain top viewpoint, where you could see all across the city and out into the Atlantic ocean. We had both wanted to go up there all week, so we agreed. When I first saw Nacym, I thought what a polite young sweet guy, and you could just tell straight away he was trustworthy and very honest.
We took a taxi up to the top of the mountain, which cost just some dirhams (like £2), and Nacym bartered with the taxi driver to give us the locals price and not the rip of tourist price. This was the first big sign he was really looking out for us and did want to be a friend and not just make money from us.
Once at the top we walked around and did all the tourist photos. There was a man with a snake and a donkey at the top, we had photos with both.
Nacym started to tell us about gay life in Morocco and how he used the website "couch surfing" to meet and host people. It's a website where basically you can sleep on someone's sofa for free and they "host" you. It sounds scary, but it's very much a trust based community online of like minded people. Me and Adam had both used the website in the UK and I remember thinking how open minded this made Nacym, as most Arabs were cautious form tourists in their real home and just saw them as cash cows in tourist areas.
Adam is more forward than I when it comes to conversation, so he soon asked Nacym which one of us he fancied. To my surprise, he said me. It was only from then on that I actually started thinking about him in that way. I asked his age, and he said he was 19 and still at college, studying English. I was 37 at the time, I do usually go for younger than me, but not that young. Anyway, I continued to get to know him as he seemed older than 19 both mentally and physically, excluding his baby face.
He waa the same height as me, 6 foot, and we had the same interests in travelling and the relaxed but fun side of life. He told me he also liked "chubs" which I was surprised to hear, as this term is not really known in the Arab world, but he seems to know everything about this community from the western world.
After a few hours of chatting and walking around the top of the mountain we all took the slow trek down the mountain road which took a few hours. Me and Nacym started walking hand in hand and the more we spoke the more of a connection we had. He told me he had only had sex once before, and that was when he was working at a hotel for a summer job, a german guy had sucked him off in the toilets.
He really started to open up to me as the sun had set and we continued to walk down the mountain side in the moonlight. As we walked Adam could see from behind we were getting closer and closer, Nacym sliding his hand down my shorts as we walked, and squeezed my ass, and I in turn put my hand in the front of his shorts and felt his massive hard on. Adam offered to sit on a rock by the road to "watch out" while me and Nacym went into the nearby bushes just away from the road. 
We started kissing and he was a little worried as although no one could see us face to face, we were very much out in the open overlooking the whole city, if someone had binoculars they would be able to easily see. We moved more behind a bush and continued. He got his big cock out and I started sucking it, then I stood back up and he started doing me from behind as we both looked out over the beautiful moonlit ocean. 
You couldn't really say sex in the bushes was romantic, but is was certainly passionate and the sort of sexual experience many Arabs had as the places they had to have sex was limited. Nacym came inside me and then we kissed again as he finished me off.
After a quick clean session using the bush leaves, we were soon all walking again down the rest of the mountain. Adam was asking if we both enjoyed it and could see how connected we had come in the last few hours.
At the bottom of the mountain Nacym gave me one of the 4 small and thin rings he had on his hand finger, and placed it on my little finger. He felt an incredible connection to me and wanted to show it, especially as he knew I was flying home the day after. I also really liked him, I accepted the friendship ring, but wasn't quite ready to say it was "love at first sight" as he was so different from my typical type. 
By the time we had walked back to the hotel, it was around midnight and we were all tired. Nacym took the bus home when he had delivered us safely to the hotel, he was a real gentleman in this aspect (he had paid for the taxi up the mountain and we had given him nothing as to be honest it was the end of the holiday and we didn't have much left).
As we walked into the hotel the security guard at the door that had shown interest in us both over the course of the week, explained he had just finished work and did we want to go to the beach with him, as he winked. It was clearly a sex invite and Adam really wanted to, so to thank him for hid "guard duties" earlier I wanted to do the same for him. 
So we all walked down to the beach and I watched out while they got it on. Adam was very much a "bottom" too so I am pleased he got to experience the world famous local specialities.  
From that night me and Nacym massaged and called each other constantly. Once back in the UK and back to reality, I felt I had to verify his age as it still concerned me. He finally agreed to send me his national ID card and he was born in 1998, meaning he was only 17-years-old. Legally in the UK it's fine to have sex from 16 (legally in Morocco and most Arab counties it's not allowed to have gay sex at any age at all) but I certainly wouldn't have even met him if I knew he was not 19 like he first told us.
Nacym kept apologising but I forgave him as he was actually right, he was worried we wouldn't have met him if we knew his real age and we wouldn't have. I know gay sex is illegal and disliked by most of the locals in Arab countries, but I am also aware people having sex with under 18's in even more disliked by the locals and arthoraties, and I know it's even frowned upon here in the UK. 
Not only that, he was born just 2 years before my daughter, which made me feel very uneasy. However as we continued to chat as just friends, we became close again and I soon fell for him.
A few weeks later I flew back out to see him, as I wanted to make sure I wasn't wasting my time on him. Was it just a holiday fling or did I really like him. I booked an apartment for a week via Airbnb and we started to go out for meals and of course had sex back at the flat morning and night. This time we were lying in each other's arms for hours and just kissing, it was sensational. 
I understood how Arabian families worked and when he told me he couldn't stay over all night, although I wasn't happy about it, I knew why. Arabs are very much like generations ago here in the UK, if you stayed out all night it meant you were up to no good, either sex, drugs or committing a crime. 
He would leave me when I fell asleep about midnight and would return around 8am the next day. As Nacym and his middle sister both studdies English and other languages at college, they both were on the couchsurfing website and would both host and meet people, mainly to help improve their language skills. Their family (2 older brothers and a sister, and the parents) understood and promoted them to do this. The middle sister even had girls stay over in their family house, but Nacym had only ever met people to show them the city.
I learned so much about Morocco and the Arab world from Nacym as we constantly chatted. The most interesting bit was the fact his family was "amazigh." Before the Arabs from the Middle East ``took over" North Africa the original inhabitants of Morocco were the "Berbers." Which literally means Barbarians but in modern day they were called Amazigh, as they were not as barbaric as the name sounds. It was very much like the darked skinned traditional people I had witnessed in the south of Egypt.
I started to understand the difference between Arabs and Amazighs in Morocco and could tell them apart. The Arabs were sort of more Westernised and much more closed, whereas the Amazighs were traditional and lived a more simple life, most of them living together in the villages in and around the Atlas mountains, and all spoke Amazigh and Arabic. The Arabs mostly spoke Arabic and French.
One of Nacym's older brothers worked in a hotel with tourists and his older sister worked in the film industry as an actress, so as Amazighs the family was very much Westernised and open minded. Because of this Nacym invited me to his family home to meet his family and share a meal on a Friday with them. 
As per Muslim tradition (most Amazigh's followed Islam) after Friday lunchtime prayer it was tradition to share a big meal with all your family, and it was also an opportunity to invite friends and neighbours. I had experienced this before in Egypt, so I kind of knew what to expect. In Egypt it was very much any nice meat or fish meal with rice and beans, in Morocco it was all about the tagine with couscous. 
Friday Tagine was really amazing. His mum and sister had been preparing it all morning and it was a huge pile of warm soft couscous, with fresh soft root vegetables round the sides, then massive chunks of beef or lamb on the top. It was all seasoned with tasty Moroccan spices and served with cold fresh plain yogurt. A surprisingly delicious combination. It really looked and tasted like a masterpiece.
I knew quite a lot of Arabic language from Egypt, so I was able to communicate the basics with his family members, and his youngest sister knew English better than Nacym, so I had an instant connection with her, she was so lovely.
All his family really liked me (just his 2 older brothers were not there) mainly because I was so into their food and way of living I think. They even invited me to come and stay at their house next time I was in Morocco.
The family did not know Nacym was gay, or they would disown him, and certainly didn't know I was gay or there was anything going on between us. This is why I was cacious of his sister as she knew Western people more than him, plus his brother worked with Europeans, so I am sure he could tell who the gay Europeans were, but thankfully he was not there and I never actually met him ever.
We kept enjoying our days together and when we were talking on a walk Nacym sort of said to me he was not ready to settle down and I took that it meant we were not as serious as I had thought. 
I felt a bit of a fool, I was kind of taking the relationship to be serious, so to not up all my eggs in one basket, on the evening Nacym had to go to college, I met a guy I had been chatting to on the couchsurfing app the last time I was there. He was more my sort of age, darker skinned and I really like him. We met in a coffee shop and ended up going back to mine for sex. I had hired a car for the week, so offered to drop him off at home. On the way back he said he lived with just a flatmate (most Arabs live at home with parents and only move out with their wives when they get married) and was struggling to pay his rent. This was of course a red flag for me as I knew the Arab ways so well, and I made excuses and went home.
The next day I told Nacym about it all and he started crying. He was really upset. He was as serious about me as I was about him, he meant he just wasn't ready to marry and move in together is all he meant in his comments the previous day.
We agreed to be exclusive and from that day on we called each other boyfriend. I did feel bad, but it did make me realise it is so hard to find real love in the Arab world.
As soon as I got home I was planning my next trip back and went to stay at his family home for my Birthday. They threw a little party for me, the Friday sort of luxury lunch, plus sweets, decorations, hats and a cake. Nacym had of course pushed them to do it all, but they really had gone to town as Muslims don't (and are traditionally forbidden) celebrate birthdays. It was really amazing and I was so happy, even though it felt kind of wrong to bring this relationship literally right under his family's noses.
The set up in the house was a 3 story terrace house. Downstairs 2 living rooms (guest rooms) and a toilet (hole in the floor style), middle floor; the younger sisters bedroom, the mums and dads bedroom and the bathroom (shower and another hole in the floor toilet), top floor Nacym's bedroom, which they used as the dining room in the day time, as the kitchen was just opposite. Above that they had a lovely terrace area where you could see the sea and all over the city. Me and Nacym spent a lot of our time up there.
Arabs always put guests before themselves so they gave me the best bedroom, the sisters bedroom, and she slept on the sofa in the living room downstairs. What actually used to happen was in the early evening I would stay into Nacym's bedroom where we had eaten, to "watch TV" and as everyone went to bed. We very quietly had sex in his bed (which were all just mattresses on the floor btw) and stayed together cuddling and watching films until the early hours of the morning. 
The most important thing was before the local cockerels started squawking at sunrise (6am) and his family woke up, I was in my room, and he was in his room, both alone.
In the mornings he would bring me in bed fresh Moroccan mint tea, close the door and get in my bed for cuddles. It was the best. It's hot in the day in Morocco, but cold at night, so it was lovely to have a hot body against you first thing.
Arabs thankfully are very respectful when it comes to physically closed doors, and when we were in a room together cuddling or holding hands we always closed the door so we a second to dart apart before acknowledging them and saying come in. 
This whole experience was the same set up the next 4 times I stayed at his house. The only exception was once when I was ill with flu and I slept in the living room downstairs and Nacym stayed there with me holding my hand all night as he slept on the sofa (actually just a wooden beach with a rug on) next to me. That was the cutest time in the house.
The food in the house was usually bread and olive oil for breakfast, but I of course trained Nacym to eat more protein so we soon had boiled eggs too. Lunch we would usually eat out or take a picnic to the beach of sandwiches, and the evening meal would be similar to Egypt, rice and beans or pasta. Poor Moroccans mainly have plant based foods as they are the cheapest.  
The best and worst thing about Nacym was the fact he was a "chubby chaser" as in he was into larger people. As an overweight person it's so nice to be at ease with being naked and not only that, but your partner loves your big belly, flabby thighs and fat tits and arse. The bad side to this is the fact when you do want to go on a health kick (before you die of obesity related diseases) you know your partner isn't going to fancy you as much. 
As I usually hired a car for the weeks I was there, we would go on all sorts of adventures. His family let me stay and fed me for free, so of course I had to say thank you to them in some way. We took his mum and dad into the Atlas mountains to visit a famous waterfall deep in the mountain's "paradise valley" it was amazing.
Another time we took his 2 sisters (and the older one's husband) on a trip to a city up the coast. It was great fun and his sisters were so nice and loved him so much.
We also took one of his friends hiking deep in the Atlas mountains. We kind of got lost and ended up walking back in the pitch dark, but got home ok, It was certainly an adventure.
Me and Nacym even went on a little trip, 2 nights away at a hotel in Marrakesh. I wanted to go to see the famous city and also to spend real time at night with Nacym. However Nacym was concerned about what the hotel staff thought (and might report us to the authorities) and we ended up booking separate rooms and he sneaked from his room out his balcony door into my room via the balcony. And everytime we went out we would both have to leave through the front doors individually.
As per my experience in Egypt, I didn't think the staff actually watched or cared about these things, but to make him happy I went along with it as I wanted him to feel secure more than anything else. In the end the time in his family home was nicer actually.
The best thing about Marrakesh was in the evening we had the most amazing meal in a rooftop restaurant. In the famous market square "Jemaa el-Fna" we had fun taking part in the cobra shows, relaxing in the cafes, took a horse and carriage round the city and finally had a meal in the most romantic moonlit restaurant. 

I found the whole Moroccan experience so romantic. I am like Arabs, but the Moroccan Arabs spoke with a French twang (they are formally colonised by France) and the whole thing was just so nice compared to Egypt. 
Sexually their was also a difference, which I am not sure if I liked or not. Egyptian sex is very much hard and no hold bars. Moroccans seem to be a bit softer and Nacym didn't like it when you handled him too strongly, maybe it was just his age.
Driving back from Marrakech we did get stopped by a police officer for speeding. It was an instant fine, but thankfully I explained I had no cash on me and he just told me to go on our way.
On one of the last visits to Morocco I rented the flat again in Agadir city (his parents house was in a suburb just out the city) so we could stay together alone. We told his parents my friend was coming with me and that's why I couldn't be at their house, and Nacym used this same excuse to stay over with "us" at the flat most nights.
The sex at his parents house seemed good as I guess it was exciting, rused and quiet, but when we were at the flat again it seemed flat and something was missing, cracks were starting to emerge sexually, I could feel we both were not satisfied but we didn't say so.
We did have a few arguments and both of us got upset. I have a lot of Arab friends who I still keep in touch with, genuinely some of the waiters from the hotel I stayed at in Agadir. One day we were at the beach and I went for a swim and he didn't fancy it and looked after our stuff. I came back and he was really quiet and when we got in the car to go home I saw one of my friends in Agadir had messaged me and Nacym must have seen it. He was so upset and ended up getting out the car half way home and walking home (over an hour!). I knew just to leave him when he was like this.

I sent him a message to explain everything and the next day we made up. I was making a mistake still flirting with them and it did make me stop.
When I look back now I was taking such a risk having sex with him inside his family home while they were in there with us. What would have happened if someone discovered us? My friends back home thought I was crazy when I told them what I was doing.
I remember one day when I arrived, he picked me up from the airport in a taxi and we were holding hands secretly under my bag in the taxi and I could feel the sexual energy between us. As soon as we got to his house, we said hi to his family, and straight away said we need to take the bags to my room, shut the door and I sucked him off in a minute and then went straight back out to have the welcome meal with all the family. 
Did his family know what was happening? I am sure they did sort of know something was happening, but as per most Arabs, the benefits of having European friends and a chance to work in Europe was much more beneficial for them than any negatives. Especially when it was maybe controlled and in secret if anything was happening. His father would ask me about taking Nacym to the UK to work after he finishes his studies, and I said I would of course help. Cynics would say Arabs would pimp out their sons for financial gain for the family, but I don't think this was the case here.
Nacym's father was a very simple man. He worked in the local market buying and selling. He would always ask me about the price of things in the UK and would laugh out loud as the price in Morocco was a fraction of the price.
In the last few years there have been cases where Europeans were held hostage and killed in the Atlas Mountains by the "Barbarians" and I look back and think how dangerous these sorts of situations could be when I was visiting the mountains without an official tourist trip. However I must say 100% I never felt any bad feelings from his family (or any Amazighs I met) and they were so kind and generous towards me. 
Many of my slimming clients and Facebook friends knew Nacym becayse he would always be commenting on my posts and I would post photos and videos of us, but never confirming we were together directly. We would also have to delete all the "your such a cute couple" comments and private message people to explain the situation. 
As Nacym was genuinely into health and fitness we even did a few videos together about slimming topics. Because of this many of my friends go to know him and loved "Slim Brothers Little Brother"
As I have worked in Egypt successfully I did try and get a job in Agadir in one of the hotels. I went to one interview and as soon as they found out I couldn't speak French it was a no. My Arabic was not strong enough to control the staff in the hotels and most of the guests did not speak English.
So after March 2017 I changed jobs in the UK again (it was the few years in my life when I have not been working as a freelance fitness instructor. I had put weight on working in an office job in Egypt and was working as duty manager roles) and was working nights. I didn't have the money to fly and see Nacym, and also couldn't get any holidays off yet.
The night shifts really threw me and even on my days off I was just catching up with my sleep. I was chatting to Nacym less and less and one night he was crying and said he needed me. I was so tired I just couldn't call him and went to sleep. 
I didn't hear from him for a few days, not like him at all, and I didnt try to contact as I was so tired and thought I should just leave him. From then everything changed. To be honest he was obsessed with me, and I didnt realise until this moment. He was constantly calling me, messaging me, and sending photos. His whole life was about me. Yes I was so into him too, but when I look back now he did love me more than I loved him.
Just to clear this subject up now btw, he never actually wanted to come to the UK. Yes maybe for a little visit later down the line, but not to live. Most Arabs are only friends with Europeans to try and get to Europe, so it was so refreshing - and why I liked and trusted him so much - because he wasn't even bothered about coming to the UK, even when I suggested it many times.
He messaged a few days later and said I think we should break up. Again I was so tired still I just said ok, not realising he was serious and it was actually the end. As the weeks went by, I hardly heard from him and I started to miss him. I started to try and message him and he would message back but very much on a friends basis, not like before.
July 2017 I woke up one afternoon to see a Brit chubby guy (from the West Midlands) had tagged Nacym's Facebook page thanking him for a lovely visit to Agadir. I clicked on it and saw a photo of them together. My heart broke. I knew something had happened, I know Nacym. I spoke with Nacym and he said yes he has moved on and has a new boyfriend.
I was so upset and messaged him constantly to try and get back together. He stopped replying so I took drastic action and flew over to speak with him, without telling him.
I booked backup accommodation in case my plan didn't work, as I turned up at his family house. My plan was to win him back. Knocked on the door, his sister answered and of course welcomed me in like usual. 
Nacym came into the room looking shocked and acted as per normal for the sake of his family. Remember in his mind I could out him which is why he had to play it cool.
His family asked why I had suddenly appeared and not told them, and I just said I wanted to surprise Nacym. They made the usual house set up and once alone in a room with Nacym I was crying and telling him how much I wanted him. He was the coldest I had ever seen him, the usually sensitive and open boy, was closed and adamant he had a new boyfriend now and we were over. 
I had booked a flight home in 3 nights time and he agreed I could stay but we are just friends. I believed I could win him over in this time. In the day times we went to our usual local coffee shops and the beach. He closed himself off emotionally, but still cared for me physically for the things I needed (sparkling water, milk for the tea, towel for the shower, etc). After the first day I kind of knew it was over. I just remained calm and enjoyed being friends the following days.
I am not proud to say what I was planning and carried out for my departure. 30 minutes before the taxi was due to arrive to take me to the airport (the taxi Nacym arranged for me) I told Nacym I knew it was over and I wanted back from him everything I had ever given him. I also in this moment gave to him the ring he had given me, and all the small things he had given me over the 2 years we had been together.
To be honest I have done this before in the ending of relationships, and I think it's normal when you end it with someone, you want all your stuff back you invented in them, and you want them to have all their funded stuff back so you don't think about them again.
Nacym started pleading with me not to do this, and I said I would tell his sister about us if he didn't. I'd brought him loads of t-shirts and bits, mostly cheap stuff, but also a laptop and an iPhone. His family obviously loved what I gifted him as they did see it as me helping his education. As he ran around the house collecting all the things his family started asking him what was happening. They knew I understood Arabic, so started to talk to each other in Amazigh so I couldn't understand. 
Nacym was crying as he handed over the stuff that he loved. The cynics would say he was crying as he only did the relationship for the things. I like to think it was not that, but the fact I know Arabs loved to show off infront of their family and friends, and it was going to be humiliating, that's why he was crying. What would he say to the people when they say where is your iPhone, where is your laptop?
With a massive bag packed full of stuff, I walked down the stairs through the house in silence. No one made eye contact and I didnt look. I got outside into the taxi and didn't look back. I didn't even cry from them on. I think I had got over him in these days and set my sights for the future.
Once in the UK I sold a few things on eBay, gave some stuff away and binned the stuff that wasn't worth anything.
One friend Terri back in the UK knew what I was doing, and although she loved Nacym and often chatted to him, agreed I should do this to try and sort it out, or end it properly for both sides.  She was impressed I managed to pull it off so perfectly, and again looking back it was so risky and it could have all gone so wrong, but it didn't.
Now when I look back at this I should have left all the stuff. His family were so poor and they had done so much for me, but at the time this was the only way I could get closure and get back at him in the heat of the moment. 
Nacym blocked me on all social media but was still friends with a few of my friends so I was kind of kept in the loop with what was happening with him. After we split he started going to the gym (he knew I loved this) and really bulked himself up and started sharing loads of photos of his bigger body and 6 pack online. The good news is the new bf brought him a new iPhone soon enough so there was not too much embarrassment from the people around him. His new bf even privately messaged me to buy back the stuff, but I told him I'd already sold it all.
I do wish him well and he was the most sensitive and romantic partner I ever had, even though we maybe not have been 100% comptable. 
I do know I have something better to come and Mr. 100% is out there somewhere, please come, I am ready for you now! (and I promise not to sell all your stuff on eBay!)
As always please feel free to add your comments and give me your opinion. This is my first "story" with sexual details and I would like to hear your feedback on this. Do you think it's appropriate for my autobiography? My friend Robin (RIP, previous story) thought my book should go into more details than this one has, I'm not so sure!) 

MOROCCAN HOLIDAYS - I do recommend Morocco to go on a holiday. If you like it hot and to stay by the pool, then Marrakech is the destination, cheap flights and a very chilled evening vibe in the restaurants and cafes in the market square. However if you love beaches like me. Agadir is the place to go. Massive sandy beaches, huge waves and great adventures in the Atlas mountains. Remember is VERY HOT 40oC plus in the summer months so the best times to go are spring and autumn. Stay in your hotel's areas if you don't like the fun of bartering and street venders. Though petty crime is rare like Egypt, beware of tourist scams like rip off taxi drivers and market stalls. There is also a huge amount of West African refugees in the country begging and hustling goods on the street. 

IMAGES:- A selection of the happy memories
- I also have some photos of Nacym's handwritten love notes he has pleased himself over, but I know Facebook is very sensitive with this sort of photographic content, so I've not included them.

- Our video outtakes (this makes me laugh and cry everytime!) 
- Nacym's house tour and around the city Berber style
- Me, Nacym and his Sisters Couscous review
- Mine and Nacym's partner stretch video
- 5 Best things to do in Agadir
- Paradise Valley friend trip 

WANT MORE?- This is a chapter from my upcoming autobiography. You can now catch up with the previous chapters published on Facebook, via the links near the bottom of this page

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