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🇪🇬❤️ My Egyptian lover Tarek

 🇪🇬❤️ My Egyptian lover Tarek - The man that made me fall in love with Arabs and Africans!

🔞 WARNING! - Sorry to give another one, but after last weeks post I decided I wouldn't do it again, but as I wrote this story I realised the sexual parts are kind of what makes the story makes sense. So this is your warning that the following Sunday Story contains explicit sexual detail again. It's not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 years, snowflakes or anyone called Karen (ie. you're sensitive to explicit content, so don't read on!) Also Mum, please don't read this one!... 

6th January 2006, it was my first day working in Egypt, at the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts Abu Soma (now called Sentido Palm Royale Soma Bay) which I later found out is one of the most luxurious hotels in all Egypt.
I had just flown out the evening before. I was walking the 10 minutes from the staff accommodation block to the hotel and walking near me was this 6 foot 4 inch very dark Egyptian guy. He asked me where I was going and I said to the Health Club as it was my first day at work. He said his name was Tarek (I noticed he had big beautiful green eyes) and it was also his first day at work, he was working as a lifeguard and also had to go to the health club to meet the recreation manager there (my line manager too). So we walked there together.
I didn't really see Tarek that much from then, but I do remember thinking "wow" if all the guys are as beautiful here, the cliche talk dark and handsome, I'm in for a treat!
There were 50 plus UK workers working in the hotel from my travel agency Mark Warner Holidays, but I was the only one working in the health club so I soon made friends with all the Egyptians, my team. At night I lived back with all my UK team so I had the best of both worlds. I sort of seemed to bridge the gap between the teams and soon enough I would be bringing a few of my Egyptian friends on the UK teams nights out.
One night my good UK friend Julia there and a few others wanted to go shopping to Hurghada (45 mins away by car) and I said I will bring along a few of my Egyptian team as they can help us get there safely and show us round to get the best prices. We did a little shopping and went for drinks at a beach club. Me and the girls couldn't help but notice Tarek who was with us had a massive bulge in his trousers. It was the first time we had seen him in "normal clothes" so this is kind of why we noticed.
Tarek was just so super nice and friendly. I started to talk to him a lot and the others around us just got on with it. That night Tarek tried alcohol for the first time and he opened up to me about his family. By 1am or so we were all partied out and all went back to the hotel accommodation to our beds.
The following day Tarek said to me "someone told me your gay, your not are you" I told him I was and he said he could not be friends with me as he didn't like it.
I was a little taken back as we had been getting on so well the night before, but I had been warned about how Muslim people can be very anti-gay, so accepted it and just left him alone.
Over the following months I made friends and had various bits of fun with a few different Egyptian workers from our team and the hotel. I was really having the time of my life, there were 600 Egyptians working out in the middle of nowhere with us, so there was a lot of choice.
I became good friends with a guy called Hamid who was originally from Upper Egypt, the south of Egypt where Tarek was from. I had visited Cairo with one of the other team members who lived there (Safwat), and this friend Hamid said I could come to Luxor to stay with him and see the city. We went on the local bus (which is actually just a car rammed with people) and also in the bus was Tarek who was on a holiday to see his family at the same time.
The taxi stopped in Qena, basically the capital city of upper Egypt, and me, Hamid and Tarek went for a drink at a coffee shop before getting the local bus to the villages where they lived. Tarek's cousin who worked at the Qena University was at the cafe and Tarek introduced me to Dr. Yasser. We all got on so well as he spoke English better than Tarek, and it was just exciting.
I think Tarek sort of saw how impressed people were that he had a friend from England. We were chatting and by this time Hamid was getting tired and wanted to go to his house, Tarek told him to go home alone and he would take care of me. Tarek and his cousin, the university lecturer, took me to the staff house for the uni and we all stayed there for the night. The following day we visited the uni. It was kind of a run down or even derelict school from the UK, but the people were so nice and everyone was shocked to see a foreigner as it's very much a city for locals, not a tourist area of Egypt.
That evening Tarek took me to his family house in a remote village by the Nle called El Mare. He lived there with his mother, 2 sisters Yasmine and Amira, and 6 brothers Hassan, Mahmoud, Mohamed, Alaa, Khaled and Ahmed. His Dad died when he was a child, and as he was the oldest son, he was the leader and provider of the family. He actually didn't need to "ask" his family if I could stay as what he says goes.
I knew the houses were going to be simple as per my experience in Cairo, but his house was literally like a 2 floor brick cow shed. Chickens and ducks living on the roof and pigeons just bobbing around the house. There were also flies everywhere, mainly attracted I think from all the rubbish and dirty areas around the "house" and those on the street.
I've painted a pretty horrible picture of what it was like, but actually I loved it because it was real, it was Tarek's home and he was happy there with his massive smiley family.
There were 2 bedrooms on the middle floor with a double bed in each. One his mum and the sisters slept in, the other one was Tarek's and the rest of the boys just slept on the floor in the living room top to tail. It was weird but actually quite cute when I first saw it.
Downstairs was a "living room" but it was actually just a guest room where you chatted to guests and if family members or friends wanted to stay over, they slept here on the 3 wooden beaches that were covered in material. I slept downstairs and Tarek stayed down there with me. 
I lived there for a week, and although it took some getting used to, pigeons moving about under the wooden bench you were sleeping on in the downstairs living room, I loved getting to know his family and he loved introducing me to everyone in his village. 
The meal times were amazing, the whole family (well boys ate first actually!) sat on the floor round a big metal tray and on it would be the freshest and healthiest delights you could find in the world. Tarek was into health and fitness so we would always have boiled eggs or omelette in the morning (which came from the chicken on the roof) with feta cheese, some tomatoes, spring onions and salad leaves out the garden behind the house. We would also have some fresh raw milk from his neighbour's cow, hot it was so good!
Lunch was sometimes rice and beans, the day we arrived and left, and on a Friday, it would be special so it would be one of the chickens or ducks from the roof freshly killed and roasted, served with rice, root veg in tomato sauce and a beautiful mixed salad bowl.
Evening would either be leftovers from lunch or like breakfast, eggs and cheese. His mum made this weird home made bread which they never based but left it in the sun to cook, it was vile, so hard and horrible. 
In the daytime people just sat indoors or slept as it was so hot. When ever I did go out the kids would follow me and shout "money money money" as they had only seen tourists on TV not in their village. This is where having all Tarek's brothers came in handy, it was like having a team of security on hand all the time. At first Tarek liked the attention going out with me, after a few days too many people were talking and soon he had me dressed in one of his Galabayers (man dress) and a headscarf so no one could see I was any different to anyone else in the village.
In the day time I would just sit with the family and joke around with the smaller kids, it was fun, I got such a bond with them so quickly, the power of a smile!
In the evenings we would take a rug outside into the duty street and sit on there. His uncle would come and smoke shisha (water pipe) and everyone would sit and chat, while drinking strong sweet tea as the sun set. It went could at night so they would light fires in the street and the neighbours would come round and keep warm together. Even though I couldn't under most of it, they were laughing and joking with their family and neighbours all the time. That was the best time out there in the evenings.

Nothing happened between me and Tarek that week personally, but he saw the real me, not just that gay guy from work, and I really fell in love with him on every level.
When we went back to the hotel (by the way I did not even go to the house of Hamid who I originally went to visit) me and Tarek spent a lot of time together, chatting in the day at work and in the evenings I would go to his room in the staff house to play cards, or we would meet in someone else's room. who was inviting people round for tea (welcome to the wonderful non alcoholic communities within the Muslim world!).
I remember one evening being in someone's room playing cards or something and Tarek was there with some short shorts on, he must have been sitting funny and his flaccid penis had accidently slipped out (dic slip!) his shorts (it was that big!) and he saw me looking and quickly tucked it back in. No one else spotted it, he was pleased to know.
One day the hotel owner's niece was staying in the house and was in the swimming pool. Tarek was lifeguarding and didn't realise who she was and basically was chatting her up. The owner saw and sacked him on the spot.
I pleaded with the hotel General Manager to give Tarek another chance but he was not having any of it, what the owner said, went, end of story.
Tarek left to Hurghada where he had friends and he stayed with them in their flat. They worked as massures and they trained Tarek and he started working with them in hotels near there. On my day off I started to meet up with Tarek in the evening and got on really well with his flatmates. We got on so well they said I could stay over if I wanted, so I did.
You could say I stayed in Tarek's bed, but actually Tarek was just sleeping on a piece of foam on the floor so I stayed on that with him. Again it doesn't sound like much, but I was just so happy to be with him, and it was the first time I'd physically slept next to him. We started to have some deep conversations and one day I remember him lying his head on my arm and he was crying as he told me about his dad passing away when he was a kid. Another day he told me how he was a 21 year old virgin (I was 28 at the time). We became really close, physically and mentally.
He complained I snored and moved around too much in my sleep, but kept on inviting me to stay over. I remember one night it was cold and I slept right next to him and I woke up with my hand right on his boxers, I could feel something huge, with massive balls too.
Tarek knew I fancied him and although he tried to keep me at arms length, he would tease me on purpose. I think as he was now working in massage he was thinking about sex more than before when he was a "good muslim boy" not touch girls bodies all day. 
I remember we used to play fight over stupid things, just like I saw him and his family do back in the village, Egyptians are obsessed with having arm wrestles and doing other things to prove how strong they are. One day we were play fighting on his friends bed and I was trying to pull his shorts down to stop him from hurting me, the slats all fell out of the bed and he fell through it. We stopped the playing and I helped him up and started to put the slats in the bed, while I was doing it Tarek had pulled his massive knob out of his shorts and just banged it on my cheek while I was trying to concentrate getting the bed back together. He soon put it away and nothing further happened then, I think I was shocked what he had just done. 
2006 was the time phones were taking off and Egyptians were so intrigued by European phones as they were so much better than the cheap Nokia's available in Egypt at the time. Tarek came up with this absurd deal, half joking I think at first, if I let him borrow my phone for one week, he would let me put my hand down his pants for a play. I was so obsessed with him I of course agreed and he let me do it. It was for less than a minute and in that time I wanking his soft dick he pulled the back of my shorts down, looked at my bum, and straight away pulled my shorts back up. He must have been thinking about it. And that was it, he pulled my hand away, he didn't even get hard.
A week later he gave me my phone back and we just carried on as normal. I had the week with his crappy Nokia phone and it was weird going back in time 10 years, but well worth it in my opinion! 
I kept on staying over at his on my one day off a week and he introduced me to his cousins who also lived in Hurghada. They all adored me and I just got on well with them all really well. I slept over at his cousins flat flat a few times, even his cousins workplace staff house (a fish restaurant, it stunk awful!, but some of the chefs were gorgeous!). It was just fun and random my days off, very different to the evenings my fellow UK colleagues were having back at the hotel getting drunk every night and sleeping with each other.
One of my UK friends who I worked with, Claire (not the crazy Clare you know and love) wanted to visit Luxor so I took her to stay at Tarek's house when he was there on holiday. We had a great time and again it was a real insight for her how real Egyptians lived. She must have loved it because she went on to marry an Egyptian!
After a year of working in the same hotel in Egypt I got bored of the restrictions put on me by the Egyptian hotel managers. All I was doing was staying over in a few different Egyptians staff house rooms a week and the security manager barred me from going in the Egyptian floors, I think they even had a security guard watching me at one point. The British manager we had really defended me, she told the Egyptians if the guys were consenting then I was free to do what I wanted in my free time and she would not restrict me. Anway I resigned and a few days before leaving I called the security manager an "animal" and they kicked me out of the hotel immediately. 
I went to stay with Tarek for my final few days before they had booked my flight home and he was upset that I was leaving, really upset. So upset in fact that he somehow told me indirectly I could suck him off. I think it was a sort of "please remember me" gift. It was amazing. He was rock hard, it was huge and he came loads. I really do think it was his first sexual experience as he was really confused where the milk went (sperm is "milk" in Arabic). I told him I'd swallowed it and he started gagging, and didn't want me to touch him for the rest of the evening.
No kisses, no cuddles, it's not romantic at all, but I was happy, after a year of fancying him, I'd got what I wanted.
I came back to the UK and started working, but I would pop back out to see Tarek when I could afford it. We were never a couple (in my day dreamer eyes maybe!) but we did have this best friends relationship and he would just let me suck him off when he randomly felt horny. I was of course hinting all the time, but it only happened a few times whenever we were together for a week or two.
I was so obsessed with him that we tried to get him a visitor visa for the UK. The British embassy of course declined "on the balance of probability,Tarek does not have sufficient ties with Egypt that he will leave the UK in accordance with the visiting visa" or some words to that effect. Basically he's too poor, uneducated, and loads of Arabians like him had come to the UK, worked illegally and never gone home.
Tarek loved the experience of going dressed up in his newly brought suit to the grand British Embassy office in Cairo, but sadly came out in tears as he was refused.
My plan then in summer 2007 was to move to Egypt to work. Set up my own entertainment company providing the hotels with European entertainers to work, and I could employ Tarek and use a few other great contacts I had. 
Taken was still deeply saddened by the visa refusal so didn't really step up to help with my company, so instead his cousin Mahmoud came to work with me and my other good friend in Egypt Samir.
I lived with Tarek for several months in his village home. All his family treated me as if I was one of his brothers, and although I didn't have the sexual relationship with Tarek properly, I felt like were were living together as a couple and they were all my family. Probably good to say at this point that I didn't have much money at this point as I was setting up the new business, so Tarek and his family literally kept me.
As the business took off my Egyptian adventures restarted and I travelled around the country having the time of my life. I was still friends with Tarek, but it was not like before, he had lost his passion for us getting closer. The cynics would say he was just looking for a visa, and now he didn't get one because he didn't want me anymore. Maybe they are right. 
My mum and step dad Keith came on holiday to Hurghada and I said I would take them to visit Luxor and to meet Tarek. I had a hire car at this time so I drove them there and when at Tarek's house I think they were a bit shocked. For me the house was normal by then, but they had that same "cow shed" feelings I think. They didn't eat much there, meanwhile I was ramming down the delicious local natural and healthy food I had learned to love.
Tarek and my mum did like each other, but Tarek made it clear he wanted to marry a girl and I was crazy thinking me and him would be together. Yes it was crazy, but still at the time Tarek's brothers felt like my family, I had spent so much time with them the last few years, I was so proud for my mum to meet them all, even though she didn't have a clue what the hell was going on.
Tarek actually and deadly seriously said to me at one point, if I went to the UK and had a sex change, he would actually marry me and he would be happy with me as he loved my heart so much, and wanted someone the same as me that cared and loved him and his family so much. The only thing that stopped him was because of his family, he was the provider and could not bring shame on the family if everyone knew the truth that I was gay. I loved Tarek, but I love my dick and being a man more, there was no way I was going to have an op, even though I did consider it for a few seconds!
I really can not remember why now, but one day I was stuck in Cairo alone with no money. I called Tarek and said I would get the train from Cairo to near his house, could he bring some money to pay for the ticket at his end. He sort of agreed yes.
Anyway I got on the train with no ticket and as warned by my friends the conductor took my passport from me and would give it back to me back when I had paid at the other end. I tried to call Tarek to tell him what time I was getting in and he didn't answer. I tried loads of times. In desperation I called my friend and business partner Smair. He was livid with Tarek and said don't worry, he would come to me (a 3 hour bus ride) and bring some money.
I ended up making friends with this beautiful guy on the train and he invited me to stay over at his place. I called Samir and he delayed coming to get me until the next day. Everyone around me on the train was laughing so much, they all couldn't believe someone from the UK could be travelling on a train with no money. The nice guy I met on the train sweet talked the conductor to giving me my passport back (I think he gave him a little tip too!) and I went and stayed over at this random guys house. He lived in the middle of nowhere and I remember travelling by bus for hours and falling asleep on this guy's shoulder.
Of course I ended up sucking this guy off a few times at his house and then the following day he put me back on the train, just to the one stop where Samir would meet me.
He met me with some cash (he was so resourceful, he had a Swiss wife!) and we went to Tarek's house as he was livid with him. It was late at night when we arrived and it turned into a slanging match in the street, outside Tarek's house. I was upset he had left me when I needed him, and to be honest I think Samir had always been jealous of Tarek as I'd always loved and adored him so much more than him.
Those 2 were shouting at each other in Arabic and Samir was demanding everything I had ever given Tarek. It was just stupid things like a DVD player (yes it was 2006!) and clothes, but Samir just wanted to punish Tarek for not helping me, and this was the Egyptian way, you lose things when you do something wrong.
Tarek's brothers were of course on his side and his mum was crying just asking us to leave. In the end Tarek's uncle who lived next door came round to mediate and it was soon decided Tarek was to give all the things back and me and Samir went on our way.
Now I look back at this and am so embarrassed. How could I have done that? In front of his family who I adored.
We didn't really speak for a while after this. Samir was happy as I was focused on the business! 
I do remember one day going to Tarek's house in the car and parking outside and waiting for him to come out. His brothers came out and told me to go away. Mohamed, one of the middle brothers (about 11 years old) was very ruthless and I connected with him the least, he was adamant that I leave immediately. Mahmoud, the second to youngest brother (about 9 years old) was the one I was closest to. His English was ok and when I was there I would teach him English and he would help me with my Arabic. He was just asking me why, what happened. Of course I couldn't tell them the truth.
Tarek eventually came out and we went to chat in a coffee shop nearby. I told him that I was sorry and that I loved him, he said there was nothing between us anymore, that's it. I remember him walking away and me just sitting there sobbing.
I don't know how, but I moved on. The business in Egypt wasn't going well so I went back to England. I then ended up going back to work in Sharm, the other side of Egypt, a few years later in 2010.
In 2011 Tarek got married to his cousin (yep, that's normal and promoted in Egypt!) and as I was working in Egypt then, I went to the wedding. It was amazing. I still loved him on some level and did just want him to be happy, so it was so great to be back singing and dancing with his family at the wedding party. It was amazing that I knew so many people at that wedding, his family and friends, and there was no bad feeling, I even shook the hand of his mum (it's forbidden for any man outside of the family to touch any body part of a muslim woman in Egypt).
As a wedding gift for Taken I got him a few nights' honeymoon at the best hotel in Luxor, the Kings Island Jolie Ville 5 star resort, which as the name suggests is on a private island in the middle of the Nile. So amazing!
At the time me and my then business partner Jalloh had our entertainment company running in Sharm, so I had enough money to stay at that resort too in Luxor (Jalloh came with me to the wedding and resort).
It was just the best ending for me and proper closure, in a very peaceful way.
While I was staying at Tarek;s house in 2006/2007 I had been making loads of video and posting them on YouTube. In 2012-2013 when the internet was getting big in Egypt and his brothers were getting old enough to have phones and laptops, they brought up all our old videos. Tarek was livid and contacted me to delete them all. I just put them all on private mode.
Whenever I went on holiday to Egypt I always messaged Tarek to say I was there and if he was in the area we would meet up. Something had gone on with a European woman he was seeing and he ended up with a flat in Hurghada (which is a massive deal for him!) so I actually even stayed over at his flat in Hurghada whenever I needed to, he even let me take a guy back there once.
The last time I saw Tarek was in December 2020 when I was "stuck" in Egypt as the UK went into lockdown 2. I paid for us to stay for a few days in a nice hotel in El Gouna (near Hurghada) and he drove as he has his own car now. It was nice just catching up, he has 2 sons now back in the village. 
To be honest he seemed a little defeated and sort of that's his life now, like many Egyptians live like. Maybe it's not a bad thing being content, just providing for your family. I can't help but feel a little bit bad when I think back and think how his life would have been if I had not scandalised that little virgin muslim boy I met on my first day.
But like I said he's somewhat happy with his little family, and although I probably won't see him again, I'd gladly help him out however I can in the future.


- One of the hundreds of videos I made with his brothers in the house
- Tarek's Wedding

- Me with Tarek and his family and friends
- My friends with Tarek (including our lovely Bev, Lizzie, Anita, Suzanne, Julia, Clare and the other Claire, who got to meet him)

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